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51. Baxter Residence, 1907  51. Baxter Residence, 1907
2450 25th St
This structure of merit is an intact example of American Foursquare style.
52. Shotgun House, circa 1899  52. Shotgun House, circa 1899
Santa Monica Airport
Shotgun houses were typically used as low-cost housing after the Civil War through the 1920s.
53. Santa Monica Airport Rotating Beacon Tower, 1928  53. Santa Monica Airport Rotating Beacon Tower, 1928
Adjacent to 3223 Donald Douglas Loop
The Rotating Beacon Tower represents one of the earliest navigational tools used in night flying.
54. American Foursquare Style Residence, 1905  54. American Foursquare Style Residence, 1905
128 Hollister Avenue
A fine example of American Foursquare style and typical of beach cottages that were built in Santa Monica in the first decade of the 20th Century.
55. R.D. Farquhar Residence, 1911  55. R.D. Farquhar Residence, 1911
147 Georgina Avenue
This two-story French villa style home was once the home of renowned architect R.D. Farquhar, relative the founder of Santa Monica, John Percival Jones.
56. The Embassy Apartment Hotel, 1924  56. The Embassy Apartment Hotel, 1924
1001 Third Street
The Embassy Apartment Hotel dates back to the time when Santa Monica was the last railway stop on the Los Angeles train.
57. Single-Family Residence, 1923  57. Single-Family Residence, 1923
1414 Idaho Avenue
The property at 1414 Idaho Avenue is a good example of a typical California bungalow with Colonial Revival influences.
58. Strick House, 1964  58. Strick House, 1964
1911 La Mesa Drive
An excellent example of the International Style as interpreted by renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.
59. E.C. Japs Crossland Residence, 1911  59. E.C. Japs/Crossland Residence, 1911
2511 Beverly Avenue
A good example of the Craftsman architectural style developed for a middle class client.
60. Spanish Colonial Revival-Style Building, 1926  60. Spanish Colonial Revival-style building, 1926
1337 Ocean Avenue
The façade is reminiscent of the earlier Mission style, and was especially popular during this era of Santa Monica‚Äôs development.
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