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11. Second Roy Jones house, 1911  11. Second Roy Jones house, 1911
130 Adelaide Dr.
Roy Jones was the founder and officer of the Bank of Santa Monica.
12. Marion Davis Estate, North Guest House, 1929  12. Marion Davis Estate, north guest house, 1929
321 Palisades Beach Road (a.k.a. 415 PCH)
William Randolph Hearst might have been the first media mogul of the 20th Century.
13. Henry Weyse/Charles Morris house, 1910  13. Henry Weyse/Charles Morris house, 1910
401 Ocean Ave.
Architect Robert Farquhar has done many prestigious buildings in the Los Angeles area.
14. A. McFadden Residence, 1923  14. A. McFadden residence, 1923
317 Georgina Ave.
This Spanish Colonial revival typifies the early 20th Century architectural style of the North of Montana Avenue neighborhood.
15. The Palama, 1922  15. The Palama, 1922
211 Alta Ave.
Two rows of mirror image building are typical of the bungalow courts of the 1920s and 1930s — a period of smaller scale multiple family housing.
16. Vanity Fair Apartments, 1935  16. Vanity Fair Apartments, 1935
822 Third St.
Definitive Streamline Moderne — an evolved version of Art Deco which takes the design elements and strips them down into curves and lines.
17. Cedar Deodara Tree  17. Cedar Deodara tree
918 Fifth St.
This 100-plus-year-old tree has not been pruned, manicured or trimmed.
18. Turn of the 20th Century Cottage, 1906  18. Turn of the 20th Century cottage, 1906
954 Fifth St.
This property was one of the initial buildings constructed within the original town of Santa Monica.
19. Sovereign Apartments/Hotel, 1928  19. Sovereign Apartments/Hotel, 1928
205 Washington Ave. National Register of Historic Places
The Sovereign Hotel is a showpiece of Spanish Colonial Revival form and detail. Five stories, with 130 rooms, it was designed by the firm of Meyer-Radon.
20. Miramar Moreton Bay Fig Tree  20. Miramar Moreton Bay Fig Tree
Ocean Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard
Rumor has it that California’s second largest Moreton Bay Fig Tree came into being when an Australian sailor, with no money to pay for his drinks in a bar, paid the bartender with a sapling.
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