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31. Lido Hotel, 1931  31. Lido Hotel, 1931
1455 Fourth St.
This building is the epitome of commercial art deco, circa 1931.
32. Santa Monica Pier  32. Santa Monica Pier
Colorado Ave. + the Sea
The Santa Monica Pier is California’s oldest pleasure pier and has the only amusement park on a pier on the West Coast.
33. Looff Hippodrome, 1916  33. Looff Hippodrome, 1916
Santa Monica Pier National Register of Historic Places
Charles Looff built this hippodrome in 1916, to house his carousel
34. Santa Monica City Hall, 1938  34. Santa Monica City Hall, 1938
1685 Main Street
President Teddy Roosevelt helped cure the country of “The Great Depression” by City Hall is a WPA project.
35. Barnum Hall, 1938  35. Barnum Hall, 1938
601 Pico Blvd.
The Santa Monica High School Auditorium was a WPA designed by Marsh, Smith & Powell. It features the mosaics and murals of Stanton MacDonald-Wright.
36. Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 1958  36. Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 1958
1855 Main St.
“An excellent example of the mid-20th century International Style."
37. Bay Street Craftsman Cluster, Turn Of The 20th Century  37. Bay Street Craftsman cluster, turn of the 20th century
137, 141, 145 & 147 Bay St.
The Los Angeles Pacific Railway right of way connected Santa Monica to points south and east.
38. Horatio West Court, 1919  38. Horatio West Court
140 Hollister Avenue National Register of Historic Places
American architect Irving Gill radically redefined the architectural landscape of Southern California.
39. Hollister Court, 1904  39. Hollister Court, 1904-1920s
2402 Fourth St. and 2401 Third St.
Bungalow courts offered many benefits of a house at a more affordable price — the grandparent of garden apartments.
40. John W. and Anna George House, circa 1911  40. John W. & Anna George House, circa 1911
2424 Fourth St.
“The bungalow was practical, and it also symbolized for many the best of the good life.”
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