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7. Residence, 1923 7. Residence, 1923
506 Adelaide Dr.

2004 photo - 506 Adelaide Dr

1994 photo - 506 Adelaide Drive

Spanish Colonial Revival Built 1923 by Robert R. Jones, John Byers, architect. Photographed 1986

Byers, circa 1923 - 326 Adelaide Drive
Photo Sonya Sones 1982

Rumor has it that the original John Byers design for this structure called for it to be a Spanish Colonial Revival building with a red-tiled roof . The property has been extensively remodeled once with a Craftsman feel -now it’s Mediterranean. It looks nothing like anything else Byers has done, but they say the bones are his. This property is deemed a structure of merit, but not a landmark. Go figure.

The Stairs

Due west of 506 Adelaide Dr. are the infamous "Stairs". There are two sets of stairs on Adelaide Drive; wooden ones at 7th St. and the more popular concrete ones at 4th St. The concrete stairs are 189 steps from sea level to Adelaide. A local institution for the past few decades, the Stairs are mainly for rigorous exercise, but the views are fabulous, and it’s been known as a pick-up spot.