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  1. Appoint a Conservation Manager

    It has been shown that those companies which have placed an individual in charge of their conservation program have far better results than companies which never assign such a responsibility to someone. Place someone in charge of your conservation program, making it part of their regular duties. Such a move will enhance the likelihood of positive results.

  2. Determine where your water is used

    Before implementing any kind of conservation program, know where your water is being used. It is also important to know how much water is being used for each of your firm's industrial processes and/or domestic needs.

  3. Check your system for leaks

    Learn to read your water meter. It's simple. LADWP can provide information that will guide you through this very important procedure. Leaks can be detected by having a periodic shutdown of all water-using facilities and reading the water meter at intervals of the shutdown. If any movement of the meter dials occur, water is leaking. If a leak is detected, locate and repair it as soon as possible.

  4. Set a conservation goal

    It is important to have goals. Be realistic. However, the conservation goals should be high enough to require substantial effort. Allow these goals to serve as progress reference points. They will illustrate the effectiveness of your water conservation program.

  5. Apply common sense

    Use a little common sense to eliminate waste. Request information from LADWP regarding water conservation measures. Look for common conservation opportunities in restrooms, kitchens, laundries and water-using processes. Encourage suggestions from employees to reduce your water consumption.

  6. Involve your employees

    Teach water awareness. Many companies have posted signs throughout their facilities which help to create an awareness of water conservation among the employees. Creating competition among employees (for instance, establishing which work shift can use the least amount of water) is another idea. Once employees start thinking about their water use, water consumption usually decreases.

  7. Install low flow devices

    Replace non-water saving toilets and urinals with ultra-low-flush models (LADWP offers rebates for such replacement). If you already have these types of toilets, make sure they are adjusted to use the minimum amount of water required per flush. All showering facilities should be equipped with low-flow showerheads. Showerheads equipped with on-off valves provide the opportunity to conserve more water than those without valves. Install low-flow aerators on all faucet fixtures.

  8. Be aware of water efficient equipment

    As you replace the equipment in your plant, be aware of how much water the new equipment will use. Equipment manufacturers have become more aware of the need for water conservation and often offer equipment that uses less water. Explore all of your options. You may find that you have a choice in your equipment purchases and water conservation should be a determining factor in the selection process.

  9. Monitor your results

    Each water bill includes your consumption history. It is possible for you to follow this history and get an immediate idea as to how well you are doing compared to any one of the past 14 billing periods. Use charts, graphs, and other records to keep track of your conservation progress and share it with employees.

  10. Other things you can do:
    • Check facility for leaks and repair immediately.
    • Save water by participating in any of LADWP's Commercial Rebate Programs.

    Rebates are available for:
    • High efficiency toilets
    • High efficiency urinals
    • Smart controllers
    • Cooling tower pH controllers, and more.
    • Encourage employees to conserve and to report water waste.
    • Instruct landscape maintenance staff to reduce water use by repairing leaks, adjusting sprinkler heads to minimize overspray, adjust the sprinkler timer seasonally OR replace timer with a smart controller.
    • Eliminate hosing-down of walkways and driveways.
    • Retrofit restrooms with self-closing faucets.
    • Install water saving faucet aerators in all restrooms. Call 1-800-544-4498 and press "0" for more information on the availability of FREE aerators for your business.
For additional commercial programs please go to the LADWP water conservation page.
For additional tips and conservation information, visit